Nuevo is focused on applications and cloud solutions. Robert L. Hernandez, founder of Nuevo, is an AWS Certfied Solutions Architect - Professional consultant supporting cloud solutions nationwide.

Mr. Hernandez holds a patent on the first telecommunication switch, known as the 'softswitch', implemented in software. Most recently he has been working in the telecommunications space with ZenKey, https://www.myzenkey.com, a joint venture of the carriers (ATT/TMO/VZ) working on digital identity, authentication, verification and responsible for the AWS cloud infrastructure and the core micro services in support of ZenKey.

Areas of Interest

All things cloud related, security, data analytics, IoT and integration of sensors to perform statistical estimation on various applications.

Security in the Cloud, Zero Trust, OIDC, OAUTH

Payment Processing and all related to IDS and IPS, fraud detection and security.

Sensor Data Fusion, Device Integrations